About Us

Assure Care Ltd is a specialist care agency committed to offering bespoke care services that is unique to each service user. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver care based on the traditional principle of placing you at the heart of the service. Our aim is to meet the home care demand by offering peace of mind to families and loved ones by promoting independence, choice and control over services pertinent to your well-being. We will carefully select and invest in our staff to ensure that we deliver the highest caliber of care.


Assure Care Ltd was founded after years of research into the care industry. The founder having worked in Adult Social Care for a number years felt that there was a need for an agency that could consistently deliver timely and quality care and support to those who are reliant on care services. Assure Care Ltd aims to delivery daily care in accordance to your assessed needs and will ensure that a stringent recruitment process is adhered to, to ensure the safety and security of those who use our services. We understand that service users are unique in their needs and capabilities, hence service delivery will be person centered. Your safety and welfare is paramount and thus all necessary checks will be conducted and training offered to our staff to ensure a seamless service. Assure Care Ltd provides a range of services intended to enable service users to live in the comfort of your own home 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Why Choose Us

At Assure Care Ltd our mission is to promote your dignity, choice and control by creating and individualised care service that accurately reflects your needs. We are committed to working with and for you in meeting all your care requirements.


Assure Care Ltd we strives to:
  • To keep you and your loved ones informed at every stage of our involvement.
  • To treat you with dignity and respect your personal choices and beliefs.
  • To promote autonomy, choice and control.
  • To ensure that your plan of care is an accurate depiction of their needs.
  • To safeguard you from abuse
  • To ensure our staff possess the necessary skills and competence that will enable them to deliver a service of the highest calibre.
  • To regularly review care to ensure we consistently deliver a service that continues to meet your needs.
  • To keep your personal records safe and confidential.

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